{Faces Behind The Frames-Blake Kuwahara}

Have you ever wondered who designs the frames you pick for your face? Have you ever wanted to know more about them? Well we did. So we had a little fun with some our favorite designers during Vision Expo East. Kicking off a new feature on the Blog is Blake Kuwahara in our First Ever-Faces Behind The Frames Series.

I had a ton of fun chatting with Blake and he was gracious and game enough to play along even though he kept commenting how nervous he was and that he felt like it was a test. If I had to grade it, he would pass with flying colors as one of our favorite people in the industry on top of being an incredibly talented designer. A+


Blake Kuwahara


So Serious

BK Detail

 A detail of one of Blake’s Signature Frame Within a Frame


Blake picked out this beautiful Lautner Frame for me to try.


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