{COCO & BREEZY Collab Launch}

We met Coco and Breezy this year at Vision Expo after admiring them from afar for at least a year, so we are so excited to see their newest collaboration with Twizzlers and Jolly Rancher come to life. Combining their signature designs with the well known poppy color palette of Jolly Ranchers and Twizzlers brings a fresh, fun, youthful set of frames to the game.

C&B Launch 1

“These designs are inspired by our childhood. Sharing things — always in half — was a real way we built the bond we have. A small amount of sugar meant something deep.” – Coco and Breezy

C&B Launch 4

C&B Launch 2

Everyone had fun trying on all the sweet new frames.

C&B Launch 3

Amanda in the Hestia and the Limited Edition T-Shirt.

If you missed the event at the Times Square Hershey Store, you’ll be able to buy the new line at www.cocoandbreezy.com

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